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Hot Methods publishes information products in all types of platforms from eBooks, audios, videos, software, and more.

Hot Methods is a provider of how to products and information products in various niches as a publisher, a vendor, and an affiliate.  It is also planning to create e-magazines in the future.

Our primary brands are and

Each brand has its own product line consisting of email newsletters, eBooks, audio, & video programs. 

We also have a sister-business focused on advice for internet entrepreneurs. 

Hot Methods is a 100%-virtual company with about 10+ people working for the company worldwide as well as over 50+ contractors doing individual projects on a project-by-project basis.

Here are some of our brands:

If you are a customer for one of our products, please contact us at ceovendor [at] gmail dot com.
If you are interested in contacting us regarding business or joint ventures, then contact us at support [at] hotmethods dot com.



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